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Day Programs

Our programs are designed to help people get the support they need so their skills and independence improve over time taking into consideration participant's needs, goals and abilities.
Social inclusion and community participation, health and well being, sport and recreational activities,
life skills and education, social events, weekend activities, the arts, music, and cooking.

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Our Staff

Our team of staff are multi talented and versatile and with a wide range of skills which they passionately put towards meeting the needs of the participants so they can reach their goals and aspirations.
All our staff have relevant qualifications and extensive experience in the community and in the disability field, as well as in youth work and teaching vocational activities.
We have a positive attitude and a well organised professional ethic that bring the best out of participants allowing them to choose what they would like to do and be at the centre of their decision making.
Ultimately, we strive on building harmonious relationships with participants, parents, and guardians.

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Work with us

We are always on the look out for new talents who are willing to contribute into our programs and who are willing to help those in need.

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Your support will enable LCS to continue on providing innovative and quality services to our current and future participants.
The learning creative skills is a public benevolent institution charity endorsed as a deductible gift recipient by the Australian charity not for profit commission.

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Learning Creative Skills is a not for profit charity that provides day programs, vocational and recreational activities to people with disabilities and the culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Australia.

Our programs include; Art, health and well-being, group activities, music, literacy and numeracy, development life skills, community participation, sport and recreation, and social inclusion.

Learning Creative Skills fosters diversity of all people regardless of ethnicity, disability, age, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background or geographic location.
Learning Creative Skills is registered with the NDIS and with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission as a public benevolent institution.

We also speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean.



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