Our story

Learning Creative Skills is not for profit charity that was founded in 2017 by a group of passionate disability support workers with the empathy of improving the lives of people with a disability including people of CALD who face numerous barriers to integrate into the mainstream community.

We are a creative social enterprise that supports people with intellectual disabilities and people with mental illness as we aim at  promoting their rights and respect from the general community.

At Learning Creative Skills, we offer recreational and vocational activities at our day activity centre located at Andrews Farms where participants can engage in a range of activities of their choice and learn new skills as well

The Art program is structured to operate as a social enterprise, meaning revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program to increase its artistic and social outcomes. Income derived from the sale and exhibition of artwork directly benefits the artist.

We also provide long term and short term accommodations in a safe and caring environment to enable participants live as independently as possible in homes we provide whilst our supportive staff assist with daily needs.

As a charity, Learning Creative Skills strives towards improving the lives of the vulnerable people so they can be productive and be accepted as valued members of the general community through teaching them useful skills, allowing them to access recreational and leisure activities and acquire homes of their own and enjoy life to the fullest just like everyone else.

We therefore rely on the support from our volunteers and staff from the diverse ethnic communities.

Our Vision

A world that only sees abilities.

Our Mission

To provide life skills and to enable participants to become valued members of the general community.

Our Values

Integrity – We do what we say
Care – We act with diligence and empathy
Service – We will provide the best experience we can
Achievement – Helping people to achieve their full potential

We exist to help people along the journey to live their best life.


Learning Creative Skills has partnered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help people with disability live healthy, fulfilling and connected lives.