The learning Creative Skills was founded in 2017 as a Charity registered with the NDIS and with the Australian Charity and Not For Profit Commission with focus on improving the lives of people with an intellectual disability to participate in vocational, recreational and supported employment in arts activities so participants can produce and exhibit their own work.

We provides vocational arts activities and disability supported employment to people with an intellectual disability as a way of developing skills, self esteem while participants gain work experience.

Our service is structured to operate as a social enterprise so participants can practice and enjoy art as a recreational activity.

Participants will also learn employable skills and practice the art of all form in a supported employment model.
Participants will be able to purchase on-the-job employment support using their NDIS plan to access social enterprises, and the open employment opportunity that we provide.

Meaning revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program to increase its artistic and social outcomes. Income derived from the sale and exhibition of artwork directly benefits the artist.

Participants will be able to develop and receive recognition for their artistic practices in a supported studio spaces, exhibit to sell their works, and earn an income.
We will help you find a routine that suits you, while providing tailored support and training that will enable you to be a successful employee and maintain it.
We contribute to various personal outcomes; increased self esteem, increased aspirations for the future, broader social networks and a sense of belonging, increased financial
security and improved mental health, and increases diversity and inclusion.

We also provide the following services:

Support Coordination

We assist you to make the most of your NDIS funds. Once a Plan has been approved, we will work with you to determine how your funds will be spent and to connect with providers.

In Home Support

We support you to live your best life where you live. This means we can support you to live in your own home, with your family or in a shared house with other people.

Person Centred Approach

We work closely with you, your family and support network to deliver a person centred’ support plan. We focus on building your skills so you can work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Vision
To empower people with choices and control, inclusion and equality, ample opportunities, to educate, and improve one’s self esteem.

Our Mission
To allow participants to fulfil their goals and aspirations.

Respecting human worth and dignity, improving quality of life and striving for excellence.
Build our reputation as an organisation that produces high quality artworks so that our artists can develop strong personal brands.