Our Services

Our services include but not limited to:

Recreational and Vocational Arts Activities

We engage people with an intellectual disability to develop their own practice while supported by our professional staff artists. This is a space where feedback, guidance, and advice encourages each and every one interested in art to create their own style freely. Art is not taught. Instead, we foster and nurture the creative direction of each artist to elicit works of personal meaning and style, whether in painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and digital media as a recreational activity.

Disability Supported Employment

Participants will learn and acquire skills in visual and digital Arts: painting and drawing,  pottery, collage and ceramic whilst they are encouraged to produce own works .

The Art program is structured to operate as a social enterprise, meaning revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program to increase its artistic and social outcomes. Income derived from the sale and exhibition of artwork directly benefits the artist.

You’ll not only earn your own money, you’ll get experience, training, support, and become part of the amazing Learning Creative Skills team.

We will help you to learn new skills in arts to reach the goals in your NDIS plan.

Employees are supported to work, develop new skills and participate in their communities.

The Learning Creative Skills philosophy and approach is non-directive, thereby enabling the artists to develop their own practice.

Support Coordination

We support participants to make the most of their NDIS funds. Once a Plan has been approved, we will work with you to determine how your funds will be spent and to connect with providers.

Support Coordinators can help you find and connect with different mainstream services.

The Support Coordination is funded under Capacity Building to address the issues faced with participation and service providers

We provide regular management of the plan to meet your changing needs

In Home Support

We support you to live your best life where you live. This means we can support you to live in your own home, with your family or in a shared house with other people.

We provide continuous on going support to enhance individual’s creativity that promotes self esteem and independence.

We empower participants to be at the centre of the decision making giving them the rights to choose and voice own opinion.

Our services are tailored to suit participant’s to meet their goals and aspirations.


Tel : 0416091922

Email: infolcs77@gmail.com