Our Services

Day Options Program: Vocational and recreational activities

Our day options programs enable participants to enjoy vocational and recreational activities as they wish taking into consideration that each participant is an individual.

Our programs include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Digital literacy
  • Gardening
  • T-shirt Printing
  • Rock Painting
  • Recreational activities
  • Social Interaction

Our programs are tailored to suit each individual taking into consideration participant needs, goals and abilities.

Disability Supported Employment

The Art program is structured to operate as a social enterprise, meaning revenue derived from the program’s activities is invested back into the program to increase its artistic and social outcomes. Income derived from the sale and exhibition of the artwork directly benefits the artist.

We provide opportunities to participants to learn to develop quality artwork and learn to print the artwork onto wearable apparels in a supported studio space scheduled for exhibitions to sell their works.

We will help you find a routine that suits you while providing tailored support and training that will enable you to be a successful artist.

We provide support, mentoring and training for our participants to develop their own practice while supported by our professional staff artists. Art is not taught. Instead, we foster and nurture the creative direction of each artist to elicit works of personal meaning and style, whether in painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, pottery, t-shirt printing, and digital media.

Supported Independent Living (provisional)

We support participants to live the best life where they live. This means we can support you to live in your own home to assist you to live as independently as possible with your family or in shared accommodation with other people.

We provide round the clock assistance with daily living needs, assistance with personal care, and housekeeping chores.

Bionic Robots and Design Technology Program

The program teaches the students about making bionic robots and coding them.

We develop the students to become competent and creative STEM professionals, ready for work and/or further study. The program is delivered in small groups, in personal and motivational ways.

Blending Bionics and Design with underlying science and mathematics coaching is our unique offer, suitable for building knowledge and hands-on skills for all, in particular those on NDIS who want to advance their lives. STEM is as useful lifelong learning as the arts and is also the current national job/career focus.

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