Vocational and recreational activities, Home Support, and Support Coordination.

Day Option Program for recreational activities

Participants have the choice and control to participate in the wide range of programs whilst being supported by our staff and volunteers.

Arts and crafts, basic computing, music, gardening, , cooking, and Social interaction.


Long term accommodations: Supported Independent Living.

We provide long term accommodations in a safe and caring environment to enable participants live as independently as possible and feel at home in their own homes whilst our supportive staff assist with daily needs, personal care, meals management, medical issues, recreational activities, community access and the opportunities to liaise with families and friends and with the rest of the community.

Short term accommodations: Respite services

Short term accommodations as respite services is designed to give a break for parents and carers of clients who require a high level of on going care and to allow participants live in a new environment.

NDIS Support Coordination

Learning Creative Skills provides Support Coordination to help participants understand their NDIS Plan and get the support they need to achieve their NDIS goals.

This includes helping them understand the management of their NDIS plan.